About Me

Hi, I’m Mallory Becker. I am a medical professional and a post graduate in Nursing from the South Alabama Nursing College, Alabama University, Alabama, USA. After I received the MSc Nursing degree, I began my career by  working in several international environments, including some of the most  distinguished hospitals in the UK. Prestigious hospitals like the Wellington  Hospital, King George Hospital and the Mount Vernon Hospital are some of  the reputed institutions where I worked in the UK. Upon returning to the USA,  I worked in the prominent Feather River Hospital in California.

I have launched this website with a view to provide ENT services on a voluntary basis to patients who have ENT complaints and diseases. My training includes extensive experience in this field, including advanced care of ENT patients. I have also undergone training in assisting doctors in the use of advanced technology and techniques such as micro-surgery. Additionally, I have extensive and intensive knowledge and experience in dealing with the area of treatment of Nasal Polyps because I suffered long time by Nasal Polyps.

Although the website name implies that it deals exclusively with nasal polyps, it also deals extensively with other areas in the field of ENT as I continue to retain my interest in this area of medicine. Through the medium of this website, I aim to share relevant information about treatments, care and ENT related matters. This should be of real use to both professionals and consumers of health-care.

I’m extremely encouraged by the overwhelming response and feedback I’ve received on social media like Facebook and Twitter. I continue to seek suggestions, opinions, criticism, discussion and information on ENT related topics.

There may be questions about why I have used advertisements on the website. This is because maintaining a website that provides up-to-date information and support requires funding on a regular basis. I believe that the website should carry only top-quality content that can be of practical use to users and readers. Being an exceedingly busy working professional who needs to dedicate a major portion of her time to working in the field of ENT health-care, I may not always be in a position to put in the technical efforts required to keep the website at the cutting-edge. Hence, I require to invest a certain amount of funds in keeping the site updated, user-friendly, technologically superior and pertinent at all times.

I would like to assure all visitors to my website that while I do host advertisements, every care is taken to ensure that all sponsors are thoroughly checked before they find a place on the site. I’m very particular about hosting only ads that promote genuine, relevant and useful products, books and treatments. I have personally checked the antecedents of all products by researching user reviews and independent opinions from trustworthy professional sources.

With all this, my website remains a purely volunteer effort, in which I take personal interest, giving maximum possible time and thought to making it an important and significant resource tool for ENT professionals and the general public.

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